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Pantheon: "Summit Series" Sacrifice Carbon Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Pantheon Sacrifice

Summit Series Downhill Longboard


The Sacrifice was actually our most popular downhill board, by a long shot, in 2017. So why did we stop making it? Well, our Denver manufacturing situation got a little spicy and we had to pull out of making boards there. That left us with this perfect feeling board and an incompatible mold with our new woodshop’s system. And basically, I just have a REALLY hard time making the same thing twice. So we spent the entire 2018 holding off from forward motion because I didn’t know how to improve the deck and didn’t want to just re-purchase the same 6-month-old mold all over again.

Fast forward to 2019 and people are STILL asking for the Sacrifice, consistently. And we finally have something we can do with it that will improve its performance. We gave the Sacrifice a very mild shape change and applied our Summit Series construction! I have to say, standing on this thing feels like home.


All of the Summit Series decks are produced locally at World Tree Workshop and made to order in small batches. If the product is on backorder, it will be produced and shipped inside of three weeks. We will produce these in small runs, reflective of the orders that are coming in, and we’ll slowly try to get ahead over time. Bear with us if you order while the board is on backorder and know that we will have your board produced as soon as possible with utmost care into each piece.


In order to produce the lightest and most durable possible construction, we decided to take the construction of the Sacrifice to the next level–our Summit Series construction. The core of the board is made from poplar, a very lightweight and fast growing wood that is purchased locally and then glued up and made into core blocks. We then take the core blocks and machine them very precisely, so that, after the wood is glued up and bent into shape, all of the features of the board, including wheel wells, flush mounts, and urethane bumpers, fall into the exact right place. Carbon fiber is pressed with the core in a compression mold all at once, creating an extremely solid bond with a smooth carbon finish on a deck that is unable to warp and will handle your abuse like a champ. Purple urethane bumpers cover the nose and tail to help guard your deck from impact damage, and the entire deck is finished with an auto-level clear coat. The end result is nothing short of rideable art.


Very little needed to change on this board. We gave it a slight profile update for a slightly more surfy look, reminiscent of the short-run of Rob Burns Sacrifice decks we made in 2017, but with a little nub tail at the request of team riders Rob and Anthony Cafiso.  This is hardly a requirement for a downhill longboard, but it is a great addition for fun! Additionally, we stuck with the wheelbases that were used on our short-run Sacrifice models and lopped off that outer 28″ wheelbase (nobody was using it). So the deck is now a 25-27″ wheelbase. Perfect!


We did not change the mold with the exception of mellowing the concave curves just barely to compensate for the fact that we built this with composite construction and will not be seeing flex-back that we did from wood constructions. So essentially, it is the exact same Sacrifice concave that you know and love.

For those who haven’t tried it before, we are talking about a 1/4-inch dropped platform with 1/4″ rocker and a W-concave that runs the length of the platform and drops off right before the drops. This leaves a sweet feeling little foot pocket, where you’ll feel a tiny bit of W in the arch of your foot when you’re up front against the drop and angled with your toe feeding into the wheel flare. The wheel flair and deep wheel wells make for a ton of wheel clearance. The inner wheelbases are flush mounted so you’re riding close to the trucks for optimum control. In essence, it’s a jackpot of a mold. In a way, we’re sorry for the hiatus; but on the other hand, it’s great to bring this board back in such an awesome way!

Tech Specs:
Length: 37″
Width: 9.65″
Wheelbase: 25-27″
Drop: .25″ Modified Crescent
Platform: Mild Rocker, W concave