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Pantheon: Tortuga Longboard Deck

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When Andy Atch toes the line, neighboring racers know they will have to run a perfect race–and probably get a little lucky–to stand a chance. Andy is a force to be reckoned with, and we designed the Tortuga specifically for him and his riding style, and downhill skateboard racing in general. Andy’s feedback on our Seed deck led us to the Tortuga, featuring wheelbase options that match his requirements and thinner profile to fit his truck and wheel setup. The platform of the deck and placement of the features perfectly match his stance, though the board has been built to be versatile enough to adapt to many stances, depending on where you mount your trucks.

The Tortuga is race stiff, short, slim, and ready to grip. The first person across the line will often be the person who slid the least amount of time down the hill. The Tortuga is designed to help riders grip and rip, and to slide with absolute control. The deck features a bowl-nose concave that provides ample wheel clearance and board feel without sacrificing comfort, a rear wedge built into the deck with a W-concave bubble in the crease of the tail/wedge. What this all amounts to is an incredible board feel and tons of leverage to be able to maneuver on the hill with confidence. The front truck mounts into a 3 degree wedged flush mount, so your 50-degree front truck will now be a 53, and the rear wedge is designed to be incorporated with a wedged riser. The tail is technically 8 degrees, but changing the rear angle and adjusting the riser height will all play a small effect on board feel here, with a lower rear end creating a more rockered feel across the deck, and a raised rear end amplifying the rear as a rearfoot wedge. There’s lots of room for play here! With the Tortuga’s design and features, you can take your downhill skateboard racing to the next level!

The Tortuga features our “Summit Series” construction. It is lightweight and makes for an easy traveler. While any deck can eventually bite the dust from heavy use and crashes, the Tortuga is designed to take hits and keep on truckin’ with its urethane sidewall and fiberglass construction. This deck won’t warp over time, and the quality from deck to deck is the exact same. The Tortuga is fully waterproof out of the box and will handle the elements from season to season. Longevity will depend a bit on the rider, but Andy has been riding his prototype for the entire year with no problems. Though no deck is perfectly durable, expect the Tortuga to be able to take a beating, and if you do manage to bust it open, usually fixes with this type of construction don’t go further than a little epoxy and a clamp.

We designed the Tortuga hand in hand with Andy Atchison, one of the world’s top downhill racers, to fit his needs on the hill. It is meant to be set up with slim trucks and fat wheels, and you can comfortably set it up with anything from 110mm to 150mm trucks, depending on the outer lip offset of the wheel and the rider’s specific needs and desires.


Length 32" (81.28cm)
Width 9.1" (23.11cm)


20 - 23" (50.8 - 58.42cm)


Poplar Core, Fiberglass shell w/ polyurethane sidewalls and truck hole mounts. Fully waterproof design.