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Pantheon: Trip Longboard Skateboard Decks

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New and improved Pantheon Long distance pushing and commuting board!

What has changed:
· Deeper Drop! – We increased the drop to a full 1.3 inches. This gets you lower than ever for easier pushing and commuting
· Better Lamination! – Mold improvements and epoxy lamination make this deck more durable than ever.
· Ergonomic Improvements! – A dedicated mold for this board meant we designed the curves specifically for this shape and your feet.
· Aesthetic Improvements! – Stained wood veneer and laser cut griptape really make the Trip pop on the street.
· 8-ply Standard! – Reduced concave makes the Trip a perfect do-it-all with 8 plys of Canadian maple!


Mobo Note:

Looking for a long distance pushing board? This board is for you! low to the ground and light weight makes his board ideal for those long pushes that we all love to go on.  Whether its for fun or for exercise, this board is the right fit for you!