Powell Peralta: 69mm Snakes 75a SSF Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The 75a SSF is a unicorn of a formula concoction. Somehow Powell has managed to make a low durometer wheel that last a long time without feeling or sliding like rubber. The wheels roll exceptionally quick due to the supportive hub in the center of this thaney goodness, and this strong and supportive core gives the support necessary to drive the Soft Slide Formula through the slides that you will be putting them through.

The slide for me was very awkward at first because I was expecting them to behave like the hundreds of other wheels that I have ridden, but they managed to catch me off guard with their incredibly predictable slide initiation and smooth video game like control. I have always noticed that when you slide on most wheels they get grippier and more hook-up prone as you decelerate, but the Snakes felt the exact same in terms of resistance all the way from the first couple of inches of slide all the way till the point that I stopped sliding.

The wheels perform better than most freeride wheels out there in terms of consistency because they feel like no other wheel out there. I was impressed to ride such a remarkable product and have been stoked to see how long they last as well. Dont let the soft 75a duro fool you. This is a resilient wheel that will be capable of being ridden for an extended period of time while still performing, even as it gets closer to the core. This wheel leaves some faint thane lines on smooth pavement under my weight of 210 lbs. If you are looking for a wheel to ride that will optimize your dollars and provide an amazing ride from stone grind to core, I would recommend the snakes to anyone, even my mom.

What blew me away most is when I skated this wheel on rough chip sealed roads. The SSF was able to provide consistent and reliable slides while I was bombing down some poorly paved and inconsistent road texture. The slippery nature of the thane was able to make the roughest roads manageable and even enjoyable. I was excited to try these wheel on a number of roads that I do not typically skate due to roughness, but the SSF was a great equalizer and made these once treacherous turns easily conquerable and manageable.

This wheel lives up to the Powell name and provides performance that you have never seen before.

*Shreditors Note= This is a slippery wheel intended and excelling in freeride type activities. If you are dancing, sliding, freestyling, and performing sideways maneuvers of any name this wheel is going to be for you. If you are trying to grip the toughest turns in the world at the highest speeds I would not advise that you put all your eggs in the Snake basket, but instead check out the Kevin Reimer Pro wheels for the premium grip and race characteristics you would not get out of the Snakes.