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Powell Peralta: 75mm Kevin Reimer 80a RACE Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Says:
The 75mm K-Rimes Race wheel is not a joke. This is not like your average "race" wheel which is going to provide a larger purpose than just being usable on the track. The 75mm Race wheel is uncomfortably sticky when fresh and is a wheel that needs to be forcibly ridden. Slides must be man-handled and the level of grip when fresh is not to be taken lightly. This wheel is amazing for its low cost and high performance characteristics, and is meant to be used as a pure race wheel. The low cost on this wheel is meant to help offset the short life span of traditionally priced race wheels, and will help to give you a chance to race fresh wheels more often. 

"This wheel, and new pricing structure from Powell Peralta DH will surely increase the opportunity to race for many up and coming skaters. It is too expensive for most amateur racers to be able to afford race wheels to compete against sponsored skaters, but with the new 75mm Powell Race wheels we are expecting to see lots of riders who are able to advance further into race heats because of the accessibility of high quality race wheels. They may not last as long as other wheels, but they will be as competitive during the 1-2 runs you will use them while qualifying, racing, and advancing." - Nate


The 75mm 80a RACE wheel is the easiest sliding, and fastest rolling race wheel we offer. It slides smooth, leaves red lines when broken in, and will quickly become your favorite. 

The Powell-Peralta 75mm Kevin Reimer wheel is an ALL-OUT race wheel. It is a new concept on wheel design that features a massive inset lip that will give you huge traction, better wear, and a narrower track width on your trucks. This is NOT for sliding casually, or for cruising the streets - It is for racing World Cup level tracks and taking home podiums. 

This race wheel will be poured in:

75a SSF PRO - A smooth sliding, soft wheel for rough roads

78a RACE - The stickiest out there. Full grip

80a RACE - Firm grip, sharp lips, and gnarly grip, but much smoother sliding than 78a


This is not your average DH wheel. It is meant to have tremendous traction when new, and you will not be easily able to slide it. In order to slide the wheel, you should enter the corner as fast as possible, commit to the turn, grab rail, load the wheel up, THEN slide it. If you try to throw a pendulum slide, it will probably buck you off when fresh. This is an ALL-OUT race wheel that is meant to win races, not casually skate down hills. Once the skin is gone, you will find this wheel to slide very smooth, and will grip substantially more than other wheels, even without the skin - this is due to the inset lip. Choose the 72mm Kevin Reimer if you want to slide corners, and do some fast freeride.

There is NO WARRANTY offered on this wheel, due to its pricing and usage. Being that is has very thin outboard lips, it is prone to chipping or chunking if slid on rough pavement, over cracks, or allowed to crash into curbs.