Rayne: Demonseed V3 "SpaceJam" Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: The Rayne Demonseed is the perfect board for a bigger rider, or someone who just wants to be low to the ground. Since this board is both drop-throughed along with a dropped platform, your center of gravity is extra low, giving you more stability, an easier push and more leverage over your wheels for sliding. Also, it features awesome tub concave combined with the drops to give you wicked pockets to dig your feet into for downhill or freeride. If you like the profile of the board but don't enjoy the height, top mount it instead of drop-through to give you more grip and a more responsive ride. If you like the Demonseed but its just too big, look at the Reaper (smallest) or the Nemesis (smaller)!  For a good freeride and cruising setup, we recommend setting yours up with Bear 852's and Free Ballins

Rayne States:

The Rayne Demonseed is the most comfortable speedboard on the market capable of reaching speeds you can only dream about. This board has a long wheelbase, TONS of foot space and a DEEP TUB Concave that is comfortable on long hill bombs while still gripping like a vice in the corners. For Maximum Versatility and Stability, the Demonseed has a 0.75″ Dropped platform and drop-through mounting so that you can further adjust the riding height and truck angles of your board by adding riser pads between the trucks and the board.

New on the V3! New on the V3 models, the entire Gateway series is rockered, drop-through & have drop-platform decks. Double Drop decks are ideal for pushing your boundaries.  The flex, construction and shape are designed to be stable at speed, have easy slide initiation and are low to the ground for long-distance pushing and commuting.  The new rocker platforms help give riders more grip and will improve rotational slides.

 Length Width Wheelbase Features
42" 10" 33"

Linear drop, drop-through mounting, symmetrical

tub concave and strong bamboo+fiberglass construction


Old videos, same great board