Ride: Lasso Snowboard Boot

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If you want the fastest and most efficient lacing on your boot, vote Lasso for 17/18! Times have changed! With the BOA Closure System and Tongue Tied Closure System, the Lasso boot can have you ready to ride while your buddy is shredding his fingers with soaked laces. The BOA Coiler eliminates all that excess BOA cable for fewer spins of the dial to get your ideal fit. Less time spinning dials means more time riding and more riding means better lift ticket value. So these boots will pracitically pay for themselves. Free riding for everybody! Our Tongue-Tied Closure System provides you with the ability to make on-the-fly internal liner adjustments with a spin of the dial. Every Lasso customer deserves to stay comfortable and injury-free, so we include Intuition Support Foam Liners for the best heat moldable fit and support as well as the Michelin Summit Outsole for traction on any terrain. The Lasso is a boot of the people


Mobo Note

If you are looking for a snowboarding boot that is stiff enough to give you the performance that you need to stick big air landings and ride the mountain aggressively, the Ride Lasso is for you.  The Boa System creates for an extremely tight fit and overall stiffness due to metal strings that can not be stretched, in comparison to traditional snowboard boot laces that naturally have some give.  The boots inner liner is also modernized with an easy to use pull string that gives an equal and comfortable amount of tightness around the foot.  This boot also come equipped with a very sturdy outsole, great for any type of hiking even if its from the parking lot, or in the back country.  This is our personal choice for the 2017/2018 season.