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Rolling Tree: Carbon Acedia Longboard Deck

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The Acedia is Rolling Tree's race proven downhill skateboard. This deck features hourglass tub & flairs for your lead foot, with W coming out of the gentle rear drop/rocker feature. A massive selection of wheelbases along with huge wheel wells allows for a wide variety of wheel and truck mounting options. Finished up in black composite and 10.9 oz carbon over a rock hard 7 ply Maple core, the wheel wells and edges are protected with zero-VOC finish.

~4.25 lbs
35" Long
9.4" Wide w/ Taper
22" to 25" Wheelbase
7 Ply Wisconsin Maple Core
Tasteful Flairs
Dong W
Green Lam Topsheet
10.9 oz Carbon Fiber bottomsheet
Eco-Friendly Finish