Sector 9: Mini Daisy 37.5" Complete Longboard Skateboard

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Motion Note: The Mini Daisy is perfect for smaller riders, or just anyone who would like a condensed version of the original Sector 9 Daisy.  It has very defined rocker and radial concave, giving you comfortable foot pockets that most topmounts do not achieve. This gives you exquisite places to dig your feet into for sliding or in a tuck. Also, there's a wide variety of wheelbases to let you dial in how nimble you would like your ride to be. All the while, the board is tied together via the sick kicktail in the back, letting you mess around with tricks at all times.


Comes complete with Gullwing Reverse and Sector 9 Butterballs!

 Length Width Wheelbase Features
37.5" 9.125" 24.5-25.5"

Rocker, radial concave, slight kicktail,

variable wheelbases, etc.