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Seismic: 60mm Cry Baby Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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The 6omm Seismic Cry Baby is a small, fun freeride wheel poured in the Elixir Formula. The Elixir formula is known for a sugary slide, left-over thane lines, and a consistent wear pattern. Combined with the centerset bearing seat and rounded lips, this wheel is ideal for bi-directional sliding and a consistently reliable kick-out and hook up point thanks to the buttery urethane. The contact patch starts unbroken, at 28mm wide and gets progressively wider till it reaches the widest point of 38mm.

Choose this wheel if you want to leave deep thane lines on a freeride board, or if you are a smaller rider looking for an easier sliding wheel that will provide a proportionately appropriate ride. This wheel can also be used on City Slashing boards, as a filmer wheel, or on skateboards / single-kicks with minimal wheel clearance due to the >60mm sizing.

Durometers in the ELIXIR Formula
80a (yellow)
84a (red)
88a (blue) 

 Size Durometer Width Bearing Seat
60mm 80a, 84a, 88a (Elixir) 38mm Center-Set
*Wheels Come in sets of 4.