Slash: Narwal Floater Snowboard Deck

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This is a very unique offering from Slash and is a great board for high speeds on groomers, and low speeds through deep trees with ease. A setback stance and camber put the power where you want it while a larger rocker in the nose will keep the tip up on the deepest of days. This board is a wider design of the Narwal Straight, and focuses more float through the middle of the board for surfier turns, snappy slashes, and less swing weight and mass all thanks to the increased width that separates the Narwal Floater from the Narwal Straight.

The Narwal Floater has a midwide shape, pointy nose, and the subtle swallowtail give it optimal float and stability in shorter lengths and its backseat camrock profile aids in floatation while minimizing edge catch. Its sleek singular sidecut and subtle traction bump give it strong grip. Its tough skin is made of tri-axial and bi-axial fiberglass, but underneath is a tender blend of carbon fiber strips from the inserts to the edges and carbon and Kevlar Landing Strip between both tips for animalistic agility and monstrous power. With this beast even you can tame the tallest mountains.