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Slash: 2018 Narwal Straight Snowboard Deck

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The Narwal Straight is the more conventional version of the Narwal Floater. The Straight separates itself with a longer nose that caters to bigger lines, and the rider who is looking for maximum surface area to help keep the nose up on big landings. The Straight is a directional shred sled that is going to provide the edge hold and stability that you would expect from a hard charging big mountain board.

Navigate through the straight and narrow and along the ever- curving lines of the mountains. The Straight’s Backseat Camrock camber profile and shape lets you steer from the rear and plow through pow. The voluminous nose has ample float and the subtle rocker from the front binding forward makes it easy to keep the tip up. The tail’s half crescent shape and slight rocker naturally sinks for an easier, more balanced riding position in steep and deep terrain. Added Kevlar and carbon fiber Landing Strips from the inserts to the tips amplify end control for confident carves, loftier airs, softer landings and reduced chatter at speed. The new Powder Core—composed of paulownia, poplar and beech—shaves weight for better powder buoyancy without giving up strength or response at the board’s edges or centerline. Combined with a sheath of Reactive Flex fiberglass the Straight has the power to rail through chunder and fly out of the fluff.