Omen: Spawn 35.4" Longboard Skateboard Deck

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"The Spawn is a rock-solid top mount speed board that is built with top quality maple wood. The new board includes an adjustable wheelbase, modest W-concave, a subtle drop, and an ultra sick graphic. The Spawn's T-Bar Concave starts out as a super mellow W-concave in the front of the deck and intensifies toward the rear. This combines with the Bubble Drop Platform 1/4" drop to create pedals and foot pockets on both the front and rear of the deck. These features make the Spawn an absolute blast to free ride, and throwing pleasurable, predictable pre-drifts on speedy downhill runs couldn't be easier. The adjustable wheelbase and subtle drop makes for a stable yet agile ride at any speed, and the routed wheel wells allow for a wide range of wheel choices. The Omen Spawn is fresh off the presses and ready to roll. Visit for purchase information. Dealer inquiries welcome. SILVERFISH REVIEW Is the Omen Spawn the best deck this year? Well, maybe not for everyone. But it's certainly our favorite. It's nimble when desired, stable when necessary. The concave is pushing the boundaries of what we knew about feeling locked in, and frankly it's pushing it in the right direction. The price tag of the Spawn is $150, which is more than we usually prefer to see in a deck, but honestly Omen earns every penny with this one. As we said in the beginning of the review, there's a short list of things which we think every skater should at least try. Not every skater will love them, but these things will certainly help shape what look for in a speedboard. The Spawn is one of these things. We can't promise you'll love the T-bar concave or the baby-sized drop, but we do think the moment you step on the deck you'll think "that really is something I haven't seen before", and not in the sort of way that leaves you shaking your head in disgust. It will leave you thinking how logical the specs of the deck are, because really they do make a lot of sense. It may not be for everyone, but Omen certainly spent some time thinking about the design of this deck, and that's worth every skater's time.