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Subsonic: Century 40" Longboard Deck

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Century 40:
Designed with pushing and pumping in mind, as well as comfort and response; The Century 40 has it all.

7 ply maple construction has embedded fiberglass for added response and increased durability. 



  • The 2 inch dropped platform, helps the rider travel more efficiently. 

  • Slight camber through the deck creates a preloaded platform; Delivering a comfortable rebound for an enjoyable ride.

  • The wedge/de-wedge system creates a stable ride.  By increasing the pivot angle in the front, and decreasing the pivot angle in the rear; This board drives like a car.  

  • The 0° rear truck mounting option allows you eliminate rear truck steering, by inverting a Reverse King Pin truck.  This is useful for both Long Distance Pushing, and Slalom Pumping alike.  
7-ply maple construction with 2 sheets embedded fiberglass
Length: 40" 
Width: 9 3/4" tapered to 9 1/2" 
Weight: 4lbs 10.6oz
Drop: 2" 
Concave: 1/2" 
Camber: 1/4" 
Wheelbase: 28 1/2", 29", 32 1/2", 33" 
Front Angle: +10°
Rear Angle: -10° or special 0° option