Sugar: 73mm Sugar Cubes Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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The Sugar Cube is designed as a grippy and predictable downhill wheel. Built around a wide and supportive centerset core, this wheel is able to optimally utilize the 65mm wide contact patch for maximum grip. Once broken in the 77a urethane will slide smooth and predictably, allowing you to steer towards the apex with control. This control is provided by a combination of smooth sliding soft urethane and a supportive core to help keep that urethane in the most even shape. Coming in at 73mm tall this wheel should fit on just about any board you would be planning to take up to speed, which is ideally what the Sugar Cubes were designed for. This wheel comes unbroken(stoneground) in the contact patch.

*Shreditors Note: This wheel can also be used on a flexible carving board for amazing traction and snap through deep carves.

Size Durometer   Contact Patch Bearing Seat
73mm 77a 63mm Centerset
*Wheels are sold in a set of 4.