Cadillac: Swingers Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Cadillac Swingers are dank new freeride wheels. They come pre-broken in so you don't have to wear through the mold release to get to the buttery goodness. Cadillac's urethane is especially "creamy", (it seriously feels like velvet) meaning they slide easily over all sorts of pavement, don't kill too much speed and are super nice to let sit out sideways. Along with the urethane, Cadillac designed Swingers with round lips and a centerset core for a slide wheel that kicks out easier and wears evenly. 

Cadillac Swingers Longboard Wheel Specs

Size Durometer Contact Patch Hub
 70mm 78a, 81a 30mm Centerset

*Wheels are sold in a set of 4.