Valhalla: Black Dolphin Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Valhalla Black Dolphin is the newest installment to their lineup of simple topmount downhill decks. Resorting to a traditional pointed nose and flat tail downhill shape this deck adds a new school vibe to an oldschool style. Built for high speeds and maximum response, no flush mounts or micro drops allows for maximum leverage over your trucks when gripping or predrifting corners. With a slight W concave and sharp edges your feet will fit very comfortably for sitting into a slides and tucking, no wild micro drops or 3D concave to restrict your stance. If you're looking for a board to fit your satanic and free flowing lifestyle or just want a mellow downhill deck then look no further than the Black Dolphin. 

Length Width Wheelbase  Concave
36.25" 10.375" 21"-29" Rocker, mild W-concave, strong taper

-CNC cut wheel wells

-directional topmount design

-subtle yet functional W-concave

-9-ply maple construction