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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

About Us

Who we are

Motion Boardshop is the Pacific Northwest's premier longboard skateboard shop. Our storefront is located in Seattle, WA, just north of Green Lake, but we ship products all over the world! We pride ourselves in great customer service, fast shipping, keepin' it real, and spreading the stoke to longboarders all around the world. We carry loads of longboard and skateboard brands, so no matter your skill level or skate style, Motion Boardshop can fulfill your longboarding fantasies and desires. If there are ever any products you would like to see us carry, shoot an email to info@motionboardshop.com 

Our staff consists of some of the most savvy longboarders out there, with Jackson Wells as the acting manager and Sam Galus in charge of shipping and videos! We like to stay current with the scene, and stoke out all. 

What we do

We shred the gear that we sell to make sure it performs like it's supposed to. Plus, we make videos so that everyone knows what makes us like or dislike the gear we carry! Keep up on our media on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and stay up to date. 

Why choose Motion Boardshop?

We're a small skate-shop, with big dreams. Our presence in the community motivates us to educate longboarders as best as possible, and continue to bring together shredders as often as we can. Whether it be through free stickers, t-shirts, information, or shipping, we try and hook you up at the best of our abilites, and you can always reach us at 206-372-5268



Location: 8306 Aurora Ave N Seattle WA 98103

Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM weekdays

             10 AM - 5 PM weekends