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Pricematch Guarantee

Bushing Selector

Bushings are one of the most important parts of your longboard skateboard setup. They allow you to customize your longboard based on your own personal weight and riding style.

The bushings that come in stock longboard trucks are not necessarily the best bushings for you. This is because stock truck bushings are a "one size fits all" bushing. They are not tailored to your style or your weight- they are made for the masses. Choosing the correct bushings for you will make a world of difference in terms of how your longboard feels and turns, and allows you to make your longboard more or less responsive.

Select your weight class and let us help you choose that perfect bushing setup!

Weight class:

< 100 lbs

< 45 kg


45–56 kg


56–68 kg


68–80 kg


80–90 kg


90–102 kg

225+ lbs

102+ kg

Standard Duro:

78a 81a 85a 87a 90a 93a 97a

SHR Duro:

80a 83a 86a 88a 91a 94a 98a

Bushing Shapes


The cone shaped bushing is meant for allowing your trucks to achieve their full range of motion. This means lots of turning ability, at the cost of less stability. Cones can be paired for extremely carvey setups or combined with a barrel for a good, carvey all-around setup.


A barrel shape bushing is a happy medium between agility and stability. The barrel fills the bushing seat of your truck enough to keep the truck straight and centered, while still allowing enough turn to throw some carves. Barrels are great for all-around setups.


The eliminator shape helps to fill the bushing seat in your trucks and eliminate slop. This aids in stability but renders the truck less agile. This shape is best suited in a downhill setup.

Stepped Cones

Stepped cones are perfect for an in-between barrel and eliminator bushing. Usually put boardside, they have a step on one side and the width tapers down to that of a barrel, meaning you get more immediate resistance than a barrel, but less overall resistance than an eliminator. This gives a gradual turn, great for higher speed technical turning


This style is for riders who don't want to take a straight line down the hill. Carving is all about taking it slow and ripping up as much asphalt as possible on your way down the hill.

Recommended bushing shapes: cone/barrel


Freeriding is all about the freedom—carve, slide, bomb, whatever. No pressure, no finish lines, just you and your board ripping down the road.

Recommended bushing shapes: barrel/step cone

Technical Downhill

Technical downhill is a marriage of speedy downhill riding and freeriding. Sliding to shave speed, hitting fast corners, and generally ripping at a faster pace than when you're just freeriding.

Recommended bushing shapes: barrel/step cone


Downhill skateboarding is all about the fastest route to the bottom. Bombing massive hills, hitting the fastest speed you can, and drafting your buddies.

Recommended bushing shapes: barrel/eliminator