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Motion Boardshop Community Support Shirts

Community is the soul of every sport. The reason why baseball games have enormous fields, and football has huge stadiums is because of the fans and community’s that support these games. 

This is our way to ask for your support. Through these limited edition Motion Boardshop T-shirts we are going to be donating 20% of the proceeds to events hosted through Motion board shop. These include Duck puck races every other Sunday, weekly slide clinics, weekly dancing events and more. These include expenses for gas, food, water, give aways and more. 

So we thank you for all your support you’ve given to longboarding at large, and we hope you enjoy these new light-weight t-shirts and hoodies.

We’re not graphic designers, but we definitely try to be. I’m sure you all have seen numerous Motion Boardshop designs and logos.This time around, we wanted to really focus on the longboarding aspect of the logo 


We started with a simple photo of Merv (@mervymerv_) and made a “logo” of a simple image of his skating. From there, we added the logo and found the best way to line everything up. We went through about. 6-7 final edits before the whole team was happy with the final logo. 


Once we had the logo, we had to decide on what kind of t-shirts we wanted. We all hate heavy cotton t-shirts, they absorb sweat, they can chaff your skin, and are just all around uncomfortable. We decided on a cotton/polyester blend that is a perfect in-between a traditional jersey and a t-shirt. The perfect summer shirt. 


One last parting thought, every shirt/hoodie purchase donates 20% of the purchase to weekly events hosted through Motion Boardshop. We thank each and every one of you for all the support you’ve given us. 

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