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Eastside Longboards: Tabor Deck Only

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Eastside Longboards Description:

The Tabor is our classic model that first launched Eastside Longboards in 2003.  It’s a perfect size hybrid longboard to get around with that anyone can ride.  It’s not too big for smaller riders and kids,  and it’s easier to ride than a regular size skateboard.  The Tabor is a solid choice for a first longboard to learn on for both youngsters and adults.   

The Tabor is named after a dormant volcano and Portland’s most famous longboarding run Mt.Tabor. We created this longboard originally as an alternative for the everyday commuter by having a skateboard shape with a useful kicktail to maneuver the urban terrain with.  This latest version has more concave and bigger kicks that create an even more responsive ride.  The Tabor is constructed with 7 plies of extra thick longboard grade maple veneer and non-toxic waterproof glue. The wheel-wells are designed for Reverse Kingpin (RKP) trucks such as Caliber and Paris 50 degree trucks.  Recommended wheels 62-70mm.