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187 Killer Pads: Elbow Pads

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187 makes skateboard Pro Knee and Elbow pads for skateboarders and longboarders that are constantly pushing their limits. Whether you are bombing hills, sliding, freeriding, skating ditches, or riding vert ramps, rest assured 187 pads will endure your demands. The family-run company constantly seeks the best materials in the production of their pads. These high quality, long lasting materials make 187 pads the most comfortable, flexible, and durable pad in the industry. The serious amount of velco on these pads means you can rest assured that your pads will stay in place when you slam. Progression only comes when you're feeling confident, which is exactly what these solid feeling pads provide. Each pad is sewn so that the threads are not exposed to the elements; no more making your mom break out the sewing machine. Therefore, your pads will last longer than competing brands. The 187 pads are worn and tested by the owner of the company so be assured the no corners are being cut.


The following sizes are just a guide. All Elbow Pads are slip-on and feature two velcro support straps. If you wear large knee pads you probably wear large elbow pads.

To determine your size, measure around the center of your elbow (right around the bend). If you've got "larger" arms 'cause you're a bodybuilder of some sort (or you're planning on wearing the elbow pads over a shirt — NOT recommended) and you're pushing the upper limit of a size, you may wish to move up one size. The pads DO STRETCH and they will BREAK IN over time. They may be snug right off the bat, but that's much better than them being too loose! If they're loose, they'll fall off when you bail. You don't want that to happen. Not a pretty sight. Anywho, here are the measurements taken directly from The 187 Website (

Small: 7"-8"
Medium: 9"-10"
Large: 11"-12"
X-Large: 13"-14"

Due to the nature of sizing pads in general and the disposition/preferences of the rider, there may be some disagreement with the numbers listed here. That being said, we will not accept returns on protective gear (kneepads, helmets, gloves, or elbow pads) that has been "used". If you're going to test them out to see if they fit and move properly, please do so on CARPET and NOT on concrete, wood, plastic, metal, trees, rocks, griptape, sand paper, or anything else that may scratch the protective gear. You don't want to receive scratched goods, so why would anyone else?!