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Landyachtz: ATV Ditch Life Moto Fun Longboard Complete

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Team Rider Mackenzie Yoshida is most at home on his skateboard riding the gnarly concrete ditches that seem to be everywhere on his home island of Oahu. The terrain he skates isn't for the faint of heart and when the going gets rough, he reaches for the Ditch Life. At 31″ long by 9.75″ wide it has the extra width needed to add confidence and stability to ride away from tricks on big obstacles. Power carving down your local hill or slashing a bank is also made easier by the extra surface area. This board is set up with 155mm Polar Bears to provide for a good balance between stability and turn. The board is designed for 60mm wheels and the Moto Fun edition is set up with Chubby Hawgs to give a nice mix between grip and slip.