End of 2015 Raffle and Sale

2015 has been one hell of a ride, pun intended, and we're looking to hook up the community we love to be apart of for a few more days! We've got 10% off a large selection of the shop, every purchase will be entered to win products from Atlas Trucks, Cloud Ride Wheels and DB Longboards and any purchase $20 or over gets a free T-shirt!

Thank you Atlas, Cloud Ride and DB for providing the rad raffle products! The prizes are as follows

1. DB Mini Cruiser Complete
2. Atlas Touch Slide Gloves
3. Cloud Ride Wheels of your choosing

Discounts can be found for all products from Atlas Trucks, Bear Trucks, Black Dog Longboards, Blood Orange, Caliber Trucks, Cloud Ride Wheels, DB Longboards,  Free Wheel Co, Funbox, Hawgs Wheels, Landyachtz Longboards, Omen Longboards and Triple 8!

All you have to do is use the code "finisher" and you'll recieve 10% off the brands listed above. 

Also, any Arbor board purchased will get free Arbor slide gloves while supplies last. 

Promotional deals aside, we here at Motion Boardshop would like to thank all of you for another awesome year of shredding and skate gear. We hope you had a great year, and we hope you look forward to 2016 as much as we do!