How To: Apply Grip Tape to a Longboard

Motion Boardshop's easy step-by-step guide to gripping a longboard skateboard deck like a pro:


What you’ll need: a deck, grip tape, a razor blade, some sort of straight-edged tool (such as a screw driver or skate tool), and heat gun or hair dryer (optional).

  1. Remove backing from grip tape and set it on top of deck.
  2. Starting at center of board, press down on grip tape and work your way outward.
  3. Turn deck over and use razor blade to cut off excess grip tape hanging over the edge. Be sure to cut grooves out wherever there’s a wheel well. Also, don’t forget to make relief cuts to keep the grip tape from bending when it’s bent around the tail of the deck.
  4. If you have a heat gun, now’s the time to flip the deck back over and heat the edges of the board (but don’t melt it!). This will make the grip tape more pliable and easier to tear.
  5. Using a straight-edged tool, rasp the edge of the board by scraping around the entire deck where the edge of the board angles downward. This will make it easier to cut the grip tape using the razor.
  6. Begin cutting the excess grip tape with a razorblade. Hold the razor at approximately a 45-degree angle to the board and use slow, controlled movements.
  7. Clean up edges using your razor blade or by rasping edges once more.
  8. Use some sort of sharp object to poke holes through grip tape where the bolts will go.


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