How To: Baseplate Angles

What is the significance of truck angles?

'Truck angles' are determined by the baseplate. Almost any hanger can fit on a given baseplate. The only major difference would be the pivot joint, as some trucks have different pivot cup seats or nubs. Most companies make multiple angles of baseplates. For example:

Caliber comes in 50* and 44*
Paris comes in 50* and 43*
Atlas comes in 48* and 40*
Bear comes in 52* and 45*
Ronin's come in 42.5*
Churchill comes in 50*
Luxe comes in 45*
Randal comes in 42* 

Most trucks come in a variety of angles. From around 35* to 55*. The higher the angle, the more turn and lean you'll feel at slow speeds. The lower the angle, the more stable you feel at higher speeds. The lower degree makes more lean equal less turn, perfect for speedy riding.
Higher degree trucks are 'taller' than lower degrees, making them better suited for a deck with small or no wheel cutouts, providing more room for the wheels to turn without wheelbite.
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