How To: Downhill Skating Etiquette

There are basic rules of the road that should be followed no matter what. These rules will help keep you alive and give a good name to the sport of longboarding.
Here we'll run down the rules of the road from most important to least important (although you should still follow all of them)!

  1. Wear proper safety gear (helmet, gloves, kneepads, etc.)
  2. Stay in your lane (in America, that's the right side) and don't break lane.
  3. Obey the posted rules of the road (stop at stop signs, slow at slow signs, caution signs, no skating signs, etc.)
  4. Give pedestrians/cars/dogs more than enough space. It keeps everyone relaxed and unafraid for your safety. Also the dogs won't try to take you out.
  5. Smile and wave, just smile and wave. Neighbors rest easy when they know the people skating their street are nice people, not hoodlums.
  6. If a resident asks you to leave, you leave. It's not worth arguing with them and potentially talking to cops. Just find a different hill.
  7. Watch your language, especially when kids are present. We want them to love longboarding too. Sound travels easily.
  8. When possible, light up at night. This greatly increases your odds of getting to Point B in one piece.
  9. Keep the spot clean. Pick up garbage, dispose of it properly. It's easy.

Portland is currently ahead of the game by installing these safe skating signs, which are very helpful, cool, and informative!


Portland Skate Safe sign


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