How To: Riding with your Dog

Dog riding a skateboard

Longboarding with your furry friends can be tricky. You must be aware of how powerful they are, and how well they listen to you. If you’re dog is very strong and doesn’t listen to you, I would not recommend attempting this.

But if you’re dog does listen to you, then here’s some tips:

  1. Wear a longboard helmet. Dogs can be unpredictable, so expect the unexpected.
  2. Dogs can get going pretty fast, make sure you can foot-brake and handle a pulling dog at the same time.
  3. Get them a sled dog harness if they are pulling you. A leash can choke them and a standard harness can cut and injure them if you are not careful.
  4. Don’t stick your hand in the leash’s loop. If a pole decides to go between the two of you, you want to be able to let go.
  5. Practice turning with your dog. Getting their attention before a turn will help tremendously. If they’re not paying attention and you try to take a 90-degree turn, things can get hairy.
  6. Don’t use a long leash. You want a short, non-retracting leash. If you are in the street, or around people, you want to be able to keep him close. A 6’ leash is the maximum you should use.
  7. Don’t skate farther than your dog can run. Build up to the long distance runs over time. Over use and pushing them too hard can lead to fractures and injuries- just like in humans.

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