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Filmer | downhill skateboarder

Right here, Seattle WA, born and raised


 Years Skating:
I’ve skated seriously for the past 5 years or so

Skate Stance:

Favorite Type of Skating:
I'm freeriding when Im skating at my local spots in my comfort zone, but I'm putting a glove down whenever I skate somewhere new

 Favorite Part About Being a Skater:
The casual, relaxed atmosphere that comes along with whatever you do in the skating community. Whether I’m at the top of the hill at Giant’s Head, or if I'm behind the counter at the shop, its always a casual environment

 Favorite Events:

Giants Head Freeride, for sure. I’m hoping to add Tepe and Tacos to this list next year

Favorite Road:
Giants head, Poli Poli internationally, or Werewolf locally.

 Worst Accident:
I broke my right pinky finger in august and the recovery from that has been the worst, so, that, for sure

 Dream Destination:
The European Alps. With every Euro video that drops I get one step closer to booking a plane ticket across the pond

Favorite trick:
Dropping in on a miniramp – albeit simple, this is something I struggled to do for the longest time, and once I figured it out it was one of the most satisfying things in the game.

 Favorite Artists:
This changes on a weekly basis, but right now its probably between Don Broco, Billie Eilish, or Boston Manor

Favorite Food:
Authentic street tacos

 Word of Advice to those reading:
Keep doing what you’re doing. Always be thinking about what’s next. Always have a plan, but don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. Improvise, adapt, overcome

Who Else Helps You Out:
My friends that I get to refer to as, the entire team of people who make Motion Boardshop happen. Everyone is there to help and support each other and I’m continutally excited to see where we’ll go in the future

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