Dancing | freestyle longboarder

Seattle, WA

August 1994 

Years Skating:

Skate Stance:

Favorite Type of Skating:

Favorite Part About Being a Skater:
Community and fun 

Favorite Events:
Toronto Board Meeting, So You Can Longboard Dance, Dancing Masters 

Favorite Road:
West Kowloon in Hong Kong 

Worst Accident:
Hitting a stop sign while trying to slide around a corner haha 

Dream Destination:
QingXing for Dancing Masters 

Besides Skating:
Tech and Fortnite

Favorite trick:
Full moon ninjaflip and Nollie front-side 360 shove it

Favorite Artists:
Marshmello, Odesza, 

Favorite Food:
Sushi and Qdoba

Word of Advice to those reading:
Don’t take life too seriously 

Who Else Helps You Out:
DB Longboards
Paris Truck Co.
Cloud Ride Wheels

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