Motion Boardshop Skates Everyday Contest

That's right, now you can skate, and be on Instagram, at the same time! Just kidding, that doesn't sound safe. But now, you can put your skating on Instagram and get something out of it. We're throwing a week long skate contest, titled "Skate Every Day", where each day features different disciplines, individual winners and three finalists to be chosen at the end of the week. To enter, you must participate in every day's unique riding style, post you shredding within those parameters and hashtag the riding discipline, #moboskateseveryday #moboskates(daynumberhere) and follow our Insta. The contest will be held from April 10th to the 16th and the winner will be chosen April 21st. The days go as following

1: Downhill! Go fast, take a corner, tuck a hill

2: Freeride! Show us your best slides

3: Park, freestyle or any different variety of skating

4: Unique trick, do something we haven't seen before! This could be anything, the goofier or gnarlier, the better

5: Jankiest setup; put together the worst, most broken setup you can and ride it!

6: Coolest or funniest sticker slap, get 'em where it counts (cop car=automatic victory)

7: You decide! Impress us or make us laugh.

Daily winners will get shirts, stickers and whatever other little swag packs we can put together. The winner will get a $150 gift card, the runner up will get a $100 gift card and third gets to choose a set of wheels. Good luck to everyone who enters, and we can't wait to see the results!