Owner | downhill skateboarder 

Seattle, WA

Sept 21, 1989
Years Skating:
Skate Stance:

Favorite Type of Skating:
Anything but uphill
Favorite Part About Being a Skater:
Traveling long distances to skate weird things
Favorite Events:
 Giant’s Head, Maryhill Freeride

Favorite Road:
SMR, Gibby, Bogus
Worst Injuries:
Broken Collar bone, double dislocated shoulders, broken tailbone, broken diaphragm, bruised ribs, large amounts of road rash
Dream Destination:
Japan, for ja-powder and awesome downhill roads
Besides Skating:

Favorite Trick:
Right turns, left turns are a close second
Favorite Artists:
TV on the Radio, Pink Floyd; after hours
Favorite Food:
Tacos, Breakfast foods
Word of Advice to those Reading:
The unaimed arrow never misses 

Who Else Helps You Out:
Ride Snowboards
K2 Bindings
Zealous Bearings

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