downhill skateboarder 

Home town :
Marysville Washington  

August 21st 1999

Years Skating:
It’s been about 12 years since I got my first board, but 7 years since I really started putting in work and developing some skills.


Favorite type of skating:
Going fast down curvy closed roads in large packs of skaters

Favorite part of being a skater:
Having a passion and having a family

Favorite Events:
Maryhill Freeride, Tepe and Tacos Freeride, and the entire week of Danger Bay

Favorite Road:
Tempe, Sizzle Dizzle, Backside Mesa

Worst Injury from skating:
I have broken my left tibia, And my left collarbone twice

Dream Destination:
I have always dreamed of skating down the Appalachian Mountains

Besides skating:
Out of tune ukuleles 

Favorite Trick:

Favorite Artist:
Pink Floyd or The Beatles 

Favorite Food:
1 star Spicy Pad Thai 

Word of advice for whoever is reading this:  
You either skate, or you die. 

Who else helps you out:
My boys, Eli and Forrest.

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