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downhill skateboarder

Snohomish, Washington

July 29, 1999

Years skating:
Got my first board in 2011, but didn't start sliding until 2013

Skate stance:

Favorite type of skating:
Freeriding with the mateys.

Favorite part about being a skater:
Being able to wear thrasher, JK. Meeting people and making friends that would have never happen without skating.

Favorite events:
Giants head for sure 

Worst accident:
Breaking my foot at furburger was probably the worst because of the long recovery time, but some of the most painful ones are just getting a good ol'shinner.

Dream destination:

Besides skating:
Attending an educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both.

Favorite trick:
Squatter slide, is that a trick? There fun.

Favorite artists:
I don't listen to music...

Favorite food:
Sour patch.

Words of advice to those reading:
Skate for fun!

Who else helps you out:
As of now, I’m not representing anyone besides MotionBoardShop. I’m super thankful to the all people who have supported me in the past few years!

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