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Rider Profile: Jackson Wells

1. Name?
Jackson Wells
2. Age?
3: Where do you live?
Lake Forest Park, WA
4. How long have you been skating for? 
Four and a half
5. What's your go-to setup? 
That's tough, probably a Omen Sugar with Bear Precisions and either Divine City Slashers or Street Slayers depending on what I'm skating
6. Favorite skate spot of all-time?

Locally, never miss the Panty Raid. Panty Raid=richmond beach bus runs of steep connecting roads, making for fat slides and fun freeriding. Other than that, Giants Head is my favorite shit. Gotta love that many hairpins that steep. 

7. What are you doing when you're not skating? 

Hanging out with my awesome girlfriend, trying to teach her to skate, going to concerts/raves and scholastic bullshit. 

8. What's your favorite trick for impressing the ladies?
360 no scope varial kickflip wink twerk. Loljk, all about dem fat switch toeside checks.
9. Favorite quote (skate related or not)?
"Wop"-Tj Joo
10. What's the best part about being a Motion Boardshop team rider? 

The people, I love my Motion Boardshop family and all of the faces I've come to know and collaborate with these last few years. Everyone's super cool, easy to talk to and gives off super positive vibes, so its an awesome company to represent and an easy one to work for. 

11. What's the best piece of advice you can give other longboarders looking to get sponsored? 

Don't blow up phones and emails, if you're really worth sponsoring make some rad videos, spread them around the scene, and hope a company catches wind of you. Also, go to events, kill it, represent and be a cool person. Sponsorships are not just about you getting free gear, you have to do your part too.

12. Anything else we should know about you? 

"Hey guys, I'm Jackson Wells"-every review I'm in ever