What do I wear on the mountain?

What you wear on the mountain is important if you want to have an enjoyable time.  

Begin with your base layers,

Any type of thin athletic shirt will work great, avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and dry's slowly.

Just one layer of long johns or athletic spandex works great, again make sure to avoid cotton.

Jackets & Pants

A non insulated waterproof shell jacket and pant works really well if you typically tend to be warmer while riding, if you tend to have a lower body temperature a small amount of insulation your jacket is recommended. 

Headware & Footware

We recommend everyone wears a helmet for two reasons, number one is of course safety because snowboarding is dangerous. and number two is warmth and comfort while riding.  Helmets keep your head warmer and dryer than beanies and help prevent google fogging.  Giro makes a great helmet that is compatible with the Giro googles for a seamless compatible fit.

By footware we mean socks, we highly recommend a snowboarding specific sock that is both high enough to reach up to your knee as well as is made from a thin and light weight fabric.  This will increase your foots comfort as well as help prevent your googles fogging up!  An extremely warm boot will increase your body temperature enough that steam comes out of your face and into your googles!

..... I know, we are nerds.