What Kind of tune does your snowboard or ski need?

Finding what is wrong with your board is the first step to making it ride like new.

Check both sides of the boards side edges as well as both base edges.  Run a finger along these edges.  Do you feel quite a few rough spots or inconstancies on the edges?  

If you answered yes, the bare minimum service your board requires is a Edge & Wax.  

If your edges are smooth and consistent then you may not need much of a tune, instead you may be in need of some base repair. 

Examine the base of your snowboard, are there lots of scratches and are there any particularly bad scratches that are deeper than the rest?  You can use one finger nail in order to examine how bad the scratches are and what kind of repair is necessarily, drag your finger nail across the scratch perpendicularly and if you hear clicking, your base is in need of a process called p-tex, which is included in our Full Tune service.

If you have any extremely deep punctures in your snowboards base, a base weld maybe necessary in order to repair your board. 

Examine your snowboards base for scratches or punctures that go beyond the snowboards P-Tex base and into the core of the snowboard.  These damages have an added difficulty to fix and take a longer time to repair, but it's nothing we can't handle with a Base Weld service.