Why do my googles keep fogging?

There is no such thing as a google that can't get fogged up, however there are a lot of small tricks that will reduce the chance of your googles fogging and your day being ruined. 

One of the first things you can do is try to never taken your googles off of your face throughout the day.  Taking your googles off greatly increases the chance of moisture that will get trapped in your googles.

 If you do take your googles off, Don't put them on top of your helmet, your helmet is likely going to have some moisture on it that will get into your googles as well as all the heat from your head is being vented out of your helmet and straight into your now extremely foggy googles.

Another step you can take in order to reduce the chance of getting your googles fogged is proper layering.  Wearing too many layers will cause you to over heat and your face will put out more heat and cause fogging.  

Our final tip for reducing the chance of google fogging is wearing a well fitting helmet.  Helmets reduce the chance of google fogging by adding ventilation as well as covering the top of your googles preventing any snow or rain getting into the foam between your lens and your face.  

Reducing the chance of any moisture getting into your googles is the best way to avoid fogging.