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Rayne Longboards


At Rayne Longboards, they’re committed to a single goal: to be the premium longboard maker, exceeding every expectation. They’re the golden standard for professionals & amateurs worldwide. The business was founded in 2004 and is situated at the base of the beautiful North Shore mountains in an unsuspecting alley near the harbour at 167 B East 1st Street. Their products are wholly designed and manufactured in Canada based on cornerstones of Quality, Progression & Authenticity.


Rayne Longboards leads the industry in product design with consistent technological innovation and a passion to create functionally and aesthetically superior boards. Rayne works hard to exceed every expectation of their global customers.


They believe that exceptional products will create exceptional word-of-mouth advertising. All of their choices, from shapes, artwork and materials to staff and team riders, are based on building a unique prestigious brand. Their core expertise is manufacturing and product design.

Their products are wholly designed in Canada and every single Rayne deck is manufactured in their North Vancouver facility.