How To: Adding W-Concave to Your Longboard Deck

Adding W-concave to any deck is an easy task that can be completed by just about anyone. All you need is a little extra griptape! Depending on how big or radical you want your new landmarks to be, you'll need any amount from 2 inches to a foot or more. What you need to do is cut out strips of grip, some thinner than others (to make a pyramid shape) and test out where you want the pockets or W-concave on your deck.

When you've found a suitable place, start peeling and sticking the grip to the board and to itsself. Vicious Grip usually makes for the best grip to do this with, as its adhesive is very malleable and sticky compared to other grips. However, you can use any kind of grip and still achieve the same result. Make sure that the new griptape landmarks stay in place by heating them with a heat gun or hair drier. This will make the adhesive stick better.  

For W-Concave, just lay strips of grip down from thinnest to thickest, to try to make the last layer of grip still reach down to the board (and over the other grip you placed).

Here is a video of Nate Blackburn showing you how to add foot pockets and a footstop to your board. He shows you where he puts his height changes (in a time-lapse, so don't blink) on his board, which he rides regular.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate what  stacking the grip from thinnest to thickest. You want some part of every sheet touching the board for extra re-assurance. Now of course, these sections of grip aren't peeled or applied, but it'll help you get what it should look like.

How to add W concave to longboardAdd W concave to longboard

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