How To: Racing Lines

Max Wippermann shows us how to take the perfect racing line. Considering he’s had numerous podium finishes as a junior downhill longboard racer, you can be sure he knows what he’s talking about. Watch as he breaks it down into a few simple steps that you can practice, and someday master with ease.

  • Approach the corner from the outside.
  • Attack the apex of the curve.
  • Swing Wide.

When drifting, cut in early to compensate for the understeer. Pointing the board at the apex throughout your drift is a good way to keep on track. After you’ve hit the apex, grip up. Once you’ve gripped up, stay gripped and preserve your exit speed. Stick the the inside as much as possible and don’t lose traction. (In case you’re wondering about Max’s preferred setup, you’ll usually see him on a Omen Dreadnaught deck)

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