Under $100 Complete?

It's not happening! We here at Motion Boardshop do not believe in offering low quality gear, let alone such low quality you would not want to ride it. At the price point of $100 for a complete longboard skateboard, you get slow chinese wheels, plastic trucks with rock hard bushings, and poorly constructed decks. We would rather offer you a Churchill, a Landyachtz Dinghy, or anything else! Don't buy a cheap board off Amazon, or anything like this and be mad about it! Save up, get something that'll satisfy you and buy smart.

How do I cut costs though?


Churchill, DBJet, and Oberand are all a little less expensive, and offer loads of different options for you to shred on. Our complete section is another way to save you some cash, because sometimes we make completes ourselves out of old back stock and it saves a pretty penny. Plus, other companies sometimes knock off some dollars when they throw together complete setups. Don't settle for a flat pintail with camber and without a graphic!


Churchill or Luxe trucks are cost-effective, while still maintaining the longboard, carving, flowing turn. They're going to be less than $50 a set, hold up really well, and best of all? Turn well! Otherwise, any of the name brand longboard trucks like Atlas, Bear, Caliber or Paris will all be around the same $50 range.


Cutting costs of longboard wheels is the easiest of all! Wheels tend to range anywhere from $22, all the way to $70. If you want get a wheel for around thirty dollars, it's no worries! Whether you choose Free Wheel Co, Remember Collective, Churchill, Sector 9 or Hawgs, you can find an affordable and appropriate wheel to support your setup. Also, almost every longboard wheel company makes smaller wheels that don't cost as much as their bigger counterparts. When cruising, or just getting into it, wheel size isn't the biggest deal and if you really need to save some money, get a smaller wheel and deal with a slightly lower roll speed. 


Although buying Reds Bearings because their reliable is smart, with spacers included that totals to $21. Dirty Bearings are a cheap, and Seattle local alternative! To ultimately cut costs, pick up a set of Free Quickees. Seeing as they're only $14, come with spacers and work great, how could you go wrong? 

What else? 

So, how else can you cut costs on a complete setup? Buy a deck that's pre-gripped! Most Landyachtz Longboards, Arbors and a few others are pre-gripped. If it's not gripped, get a cheaper grip like Cloud Ride Ez Grip, Free Friction or Mob Super Coarse! You can get a smaller amount of grip, grip it yourself in the necessary spots and save $5-10 by not gripping the whole thing. Also, if you buy through us we offer free hardware on any purchase over $40, so choose that option and save yourself $5 on piecing it together. 

Don't waste your money on an unenjoyable complete you will put in your closet and never ride again, splurge an extra $80 and get satisfied!