Snowboard Season Rentals

We offer Seasonal Rentals for snowboards, and we are setup to be able to exchange sizes if the user outgrows them throughout the year. 

We offer 3 different prices for our Seasonal Rental packages, 1 for Youth, Tween, and Adult. The categories are determined based on the size of the gear being used. 

Seasonal Rental Packages (board, boots, bindings) 
 Rental Package Definition of each category Season Price
Youth   Boot Under Size 5 $249.95
Tween Boots Under Size 9, Board under 145cm $269.95
Adult Board over 145cm $299.95

A La Carte Rentals
Rental Pieces Season Price Youth Season Price Adult
Boots Only $74.95 $89.95
Boots and Bindings $139.95 $169.95
Board Only $139.95 $179.95

 Seasonal Rentals are due back May 1st.

We ask that you ride our boards on snow and snow only! The idea of the Demo board is to allow people the opportunity to try out a board that is as close to a brand new board as possible, and because of that we ask that you ride our boards on SNOW ONLY! 

Please do not hit any rails, boxes, pole jams, or tree taps, and for the LOVE OF POSEIDON do not ride through the parking lot on our boards. 

We will charge you a non-discounted rate to fix these boards. We apologize in advance for the "harsh" terms, but they need to be stated.