What boards are available for rental?

We have two options for rental boards

The K2 Raygun is a medium flex board with a flat base between the bindings and features rocker on both the nose and tail equating to a easy to ride and control snowboard.

The K2 WWW is a softer flex board with camber in between the bindings and rocker on both the nose and the tail equating to a little bit more of a playful but still easy to control snowboard

We also offer performance demos for those special deep days

Never Summer Heritage 166 Wide
Never Summer Heritage 163 Wide
Jones Flagship 168 wide
Jones Hovercraft 160
Slash Brainstorm 160
Slash Brainstorm 163 Wide
Slash Narwal Floater 157
Slash Aurora 162
Lib Tech T-Rice Pro HP 164.5