Demo Boards


A demo is a rental of a snowboard or binding that we carry in store that could be later purchased. The point of a demo rental is to allow our customers to try out gear before buying it. If the customer ends up buying the gear, the price of the demo will be applied to the purchase of the board.

How the Demo Rental Works:
Once you have confirmed that we have the gear that you are looking to rent, come in and rent the board prior to your trip to the mountain. At Motion Boardshop we give you a travel day to and from the mountain to make your time riding the products as stress free as possible. Then return the demo the day after riding. 
Example: (Rent on Friday, Ride all day Saturday, Return the deck by Sunday at 1pm, this is our 1 day rental policy)

$30 for the "1 day" rental. 

If you demo a board, the price of that Demo will go to the purchase of that board. 

DEMO ANY BOARD WE HAVE IN STOCK after February 1st. 
- Must have own boots and bindings
- Must have intent to buy

Performance Demo Boards not in stock:
Jones Hovercraft 156
Jones Aviator 158
Jones Aviator 162
Jones Storm Chaser
Ride Warpig 151
K2 Party Platter 157
Slash Narwal Floater 157
Slash Brainstorm 157
Slash Brainstorm 159 Wide
Capita DOA 158 Wide
LibTech E-Jack Knife 159 Wide
LibTech T-Rice Pro HP 164.5
Academy Master Series 161
Niche Pyre 155
Niche Hawthorne 160

Women's Demo Boards:
K2 Party Platter 138
K2 Party Platter 142
K2 Cold Shoulder 144
K2 Cold Shoulder 150
Ride Warpig 142
Niche Ember 145
Niche Sonnet 147
Jones Womens Hovercraft 146
Jones Womens Dream Catcher 148
Gnu Whip 148
Gnu Free Spirit 143
GNU Ladies Choice 151.5

We ask that you ride our boards on snow and snow only! The idea of the Demo board is to allow people the opportunity to try out a board that is as close to a brand new board as possible, and because of that we ask that you ride our boards on SNOW ONLY! 

Please do not hit any rails, boxes, pole jams, or tree taps, and for the LOVE OF POSEIDON do not ride through the parking lot on our boards. 

We will charge you a non-discounted rate to fix these Demo boards, and this repair cost will not apply to the purchase of a new board. We apologize in advance for the "harsh" terms, but they need to be stated.