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Orangatang: 70mm 4President Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Looking for a square lip freeride/ tech DH wheel? Look no further. At 70mm you will not get wheel bite on almost any set up so no need for a riser. These wheels will perform excellently whether you are racing a technical course, sliding hard, or just pushing around. With a square lip on both sides these wheels start with a good amount of grip and then become an excellent wheel for freeriding! Shop Note: We recommend 80a (Orange) for racing/ downhill. The 86a (Yellows) make amazing rain or freeride wheels. If you want a little bit quicker wheel or are unsure what to get try out the purples (83a). The orangatang 4-presidents are a great wheel for someone who isn't designated to a a specific genre of riding. The offset design with subtle lip characteristics make for increased grip, speed, and high energy. They will slide awesome when broken in. This is one of the wheels of choice for our downhill skate team due to the quick acceleration and grip/slide characteristics.


 Height Durometer Contact Patch Bearing Mounting
70mm 77, 80, 83 or 86 53mm Offset