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Venom: 76mm Cannibal Cobra Core Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Venom decided to go big or go home. If you thought the 72mm cannibals had roll speed you will be blown away by how fast these puppies are. At a whopping 76mm these cannibals are ready to roll over anything you put in their way. Made out of the Venom “White Thane” these wheels have a very high roll speed to begin with, combine that with a size of 76mm and you will be flying down the hill. With the size up, they also increased the size of the lips to give you even more grip. Virtually, all the things you loved about 72mm in a bigger package.

NEW COBRA CORE! More support means quicker roll speed, more even wear and better hook-ups. 
Cobra Core Features
-Fiberglass Reinforced
-12x Stiffer
-39mm Tall 43mm Wide
-No Flex Zone (Patent Pending)
-Many Swags

 Height Durometer Contact Patch Bearing Mounting
76mm 76, 78, 80 or 83a 61mm Offset