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ABEC11: 83mm Centrax HD Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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The 83mm Centrax HD (AKA the "MoMo") is a super wide centerset and symmetrical wheel designed for superior traction. 83mm Centrax are the WIDEST wheels made by ABEC 11 and have a ginormous 77mm contact patch. The urethane depth is amazing which means these are massive steam-rollers wheels. Centerset wheels can be flipped to better balance wear over time. The HD Core is taller and wider than the core in the standard Centrax and therefore reduces any chatter that could come from wheels with unsupported/flexible lips. The tiny radius and chamfer on its edges maintains a huge contact patch, nearly the entire width of the wheel.


When coupled with the super grippy Reflex formula, the wheel has superior traction making it a great DH Race, carving, LDP, and GS race wheel.

  • Specifications

    • Diameter: 83mm
    • Width: 78mm
    • Contact Patch: 77mm
    • Outer Edge Size: .5mm
    • Outer Edge Profile: Radius
    • Outer Lip Thickness: 12mm
    • Inner Edge Size: .5mm
    • Inner Edge Profile: Chamfer
    • Inner Lip Thickness: 12mm
    • Core Diameter: 29mm
    • Core Width: 38mm
    • Bearing Seat: CenterSet
    • Max Urethane Depth: 27.0mm
    • Wheel Surface: Smooth