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ABEC11: 90mm ReFly Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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The 90mm ReFly is a big wheel that features our unique Flywheel core. By definition "Flywheels" have CenterSet (CS) bearing seats, are symmetrical, and use our Flywheel  core. A "ReFly" is simply a Reflex formula Flywheel. Every Flywheel, ReFly, and SuperFly is compatible with every Flywheel-specific drive pulley which gives you a number of great options in the Electric Skateboard (eSk8) market. These 90mm wheels are smooth and roll over everything better than the 83mm version, and roll up to speed quicker than the 97mm version. They have a higher top end in eSk8 than the 83mm. If you have the necessary clearance you can put these on a longboard, Hamboard, or street luge. 

  • Specifications

    • Diameter: 90mm
    • Width: 52mm
    • Contact Patch: 44mm
    • Outer Edge Size: 4mm
    • Outer Edge Profile: Radius
    • Outer Lip Thickness: 11.5mm
    • Inner Edge Size: 4mm
    • Inner Edge Profile: Radius
    • Inner Lip Thickness: 11.5mm
    • Core Diameter: 45mm
    • Core Width: 40mm
    • Bearing Seat: CenterSet
    • Max Urethane Depth: 22.5mm
    • Wheel Surface: Smooth