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ARRAY: Machined Flat Washers

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The Array Flat washers are some of the raddest innovations ever made. These 303 machined stainless steel washers sit on the barrel bushings of your choice and stay right where it's meant to be while keeping the bushing engaged and running at it's full potential. "Normal" flat and cupped washers move back and forth against the kingpin when you are turning hard, pumping or putting force on the trucks. Array machined washer sit snug against the kingpin and ensures that the truck moves as one system.

Install these Flat washers on your trucks with your bushings of choice and you'll be swearing you're on some precision trucks. Shoot, imagine putting these washers ON PRECISION'S. That'd be like a double precision. Your friends will be jealous. Keep your eyes on that board!

Flat Washer Dimensions:
Outer Diameter - 25.3mm
Inner Diameter - 9.45mm
Thickness - 1.7mm